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After you’ve explored this site, make sure you visit these other sites for more Bible study modules. You’ll also find other friendly software users that can answer any questions you might have about how either program works. They are great sites!

TheWord is a powerful, full-featured Bible software program that is fully customizable and feature-rich. If you’re comfortable with your computer and want to study your Bible, you’ll love this software.

e-Sword is a complete Bible software program. It is simple, straight-forward, and works well “right out of the box.” Most users will love the simple functionality of this software.

Do you have a Tablet computer or a cell phone that is run by Android? Would you like a free Bible app for it? Try “MySword.”

To use the modules that are distributed here on this site, you’ll need one of these free (no strings attached: really free!) Bible software programs:

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Kindle at DDT

Are you a Kindle user?


If you’re like me, you prefer a Kindle device to a smartphone for reading. The Kindle screen size is just better in every way to the smartphone. Well, I’m going to start adding Kindle links to the resources here at DDT.


Visit my Kindle page here. (Check out the Kindle link above in the black DDT travel bar. It will always be there.)

The Greatest Song Ever Written

I have published my first book. It is based on a series of sermons I preached at my church back in 2015 from The Song of Solomon and entitled “The Greatest Song Ever Written is a Love Song.” It is available immediately as a $5 purchase for both theWord Bible software and Kindle from


Buy “The Greatest Song Ever Written is a Love Song” for TW.

Buy “The Greatest Song Ever Written is a Love Song” for KIN.

Read the review of “The Greatest Song Ever Written...” here.

The #1 Reason You Should Use a Kindle Reading Device

The number one reason you should be using a Kindle device might be very surprising to you. On the other hand, the number one reason you should be using a Kindle device shouldn’t really surprise you at all. Ready?


The number one reason you should be using a Kindle device is this:


(Click here to read The #1 Reason You Should Use a Kindle Reading Device!)

John MacArthur

for eSword? Really?

John MacArthur’s New Testament Commentaries are fabulous reference works for all conservatively evangelical preachers and teachers. So are Warren Wiersbe’s BE Commentaries for both the Old and New Testaments. And Frank E. Gaebelein has edited what has become a modern standard in the 12 Volume Expositor’s Bible Commentary.


And did you know that these works can be accessed using eSword? Yes, it is really true. The bulk of MacArthur’s NT Commentaries, almost all of Wiersbe’s BE Commentaries, and every one of the 12 volumes of Gaebelein’s Expositor’s Bible Commentary can be used with eSword.


Are you interested? Click here to find out how.

DDT is Back, Live & Online

I’ve been involved in website building and module building for more than a decade. As an old guy, this web building stuff didn’t come naturally. At every step of whatever progress looked like, I was always in over my head. Still am.


I just had to change web hosting companies; and the previous company was falling apart: dismal tech service, broken email, crashing website. Let me tell you: changing hosting companies without email access was not easy. But we’re back!


With a new web host company and everything now working, I look forward to the next decade of serving the bible module community.