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Welcome to this detailed DDT Product Review of Paul Enns’ daily devotional

book entitled “Approaching God.” No matter what “version” of this work that

you are interested in, you’ll find out what’s most important about it: the content.


I want to give you enough information to make sure that you are an informed buyer.

I also want you to know right up front my theological perspective so you’ll be able

to understand what I write (I think that’s important, and I’m quite sure you’ll agree!).


Finally, I know that you’ve already looked at the DDT Rating, so you already know

the conclusion: this is a great resource for everyone. Now, let us commence with

the Review!



Introductory Comments


This is perhaps the most unique “daily devotional” guide I’ve ever seen. It’s set up to introduce the reader to all of the major subjects of Theology. So, while you’re getting your daily dose of Scripture readings, you’re also learning Systematic Theology!


Main Features


That phrase “Systematic Theology” scares many Christians today. So let me put your mind at ease: there is nothing lofty about this module. It will be accessible to anyone who wants to read a daily devotional - including high school students who are interested in the Bible.


There is a page for every day of the year - starting with January 1, and moving through every day until December 31 (just like you would expect!). The first major topic - “The Lord God” (theologians refer to this as “Theology Proper”) - takes 33 days to read through. If you’re keeping score, it takes you through February 12, by the way. The readings are quite simple; and they get you to focus on one section of doctrine every day. All nine major doctrines are presented, by the way. Pastors will absolutely want their members to read through this work.


The author - Paul Enns - is an Assistant Pastor at a Southern Baptist Church in Tampa, FL. The book comes at doctrine from a dispensational, Baptistic Thrust. Even if you’re not Baptist, though, you’ll still profit greatly from this dispensational introduction to Bible Doctrine.


Sample Entry


Here is the entry for March 28....






Before Abraham was born, I AM. (John 8:58)


  Jesus Christ made some amazing statements. He once infuriated His opponents by telling them, "I existed before Abraham was born" (Williams). Since Abraham lived two thousand years before Christ, Jesus' words were unusual indeed. They knew Him to be a man in His thirties, a carpenter born in Bethlehem and living in Nazareth. How could He have existed before Abraham? A preposterous idea!


  But numerous biblical passages actually teach the preexistence of Christ. A particularly pointed passage is Micah 5:2. This verse identifies Bethlehem as the birthplace of Jesus. One born in Bethlehem will one day be a Ruler in Israel. However, Micah teaches something else. Concerning the same Ruler, Micah also declares, "His goings forth are from long ago, from the days of eternity." The prophet indicates that although this Ruler is born in Bethlehem, that is not His beginning. In fact, He does not have a beginning; He has existed from eternity past.


  John also teaches the preexistence of Christ—that He existed prior to His birth in Bethlehem. John declared that Christ created all things, that nothing has come into existence without Christ's creating it (John 1:3). If Christ is the Creator, then He must have existed prior to His earthly sojourn. John further remarks that no one has ascended into heaven except Christ, who has come down from heaven (John 3:13); moreover, Christ can explain about heaven since He has been there (John 3:31). In His prayer to the Father, Jesus Himself stated that He had the glory of God before the world existed (John 17:5).


  What a great Savior we have! He not only became partaker of our nature so that He might understand us and come to our aid, He also existed prior to His earthly life. He is the eternal God and has come to earth to reveal the Father to us that we might know the true and living God.


  LESSON: Jesus existed before His earthly life, as evidenced by His work in creation, His fellowship with the Father, and His having come down from heaven.




This is a fairly representative entry for an entire year’s worth of reading. Good stuff! I would like to note that he is Reformed in his theology.





This is a good book, regardless of your denominational background. I’ve given it a DDT3 rating, which is good - but not great. If everyone in our churches would get it and read it, our churches in America would be changed for the better.



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This comprehensive review is by Dr. David S. Thomason. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

REVIEW: Approaching God by Paul Enns

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Purchase Approaching God formatted for theWord Bible Software

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This is a daily devotional guide that focuses on the major doctrines that are developed in most Systematic Theologies. It is an excellent daily treatment, suitable for just about all ages groups. I highly recommend this book!

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