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Changing Your MySword Tab Names

“Easy as Pie” (And A Lot Easier Than π!!)


Let me share with you a recent email about MySword (kindly with permission):


As a MySword user, I was pleased to learn that you have started posting MySword modules to your site. One of my complaints about e-Sword has been that there was not an easy way to rename the tabs. Fortunately, Raymond Barone also recognized this need and developed an excellent utility to correct the problem. If you have not looked at his utility, he developed one for e-Sword 8 and the newest version of e-Sword. They are posted at BibleSupport as Esword Tab Renamer. [Link added by DDT for ease of use.]


What Raymond doesn't mention is that his utility also works for MySword, and after searching, I can't find where anyone else has mentioned this capability. I was wanting to change a tab in MySword, and I decided to try it without expecting it to work. After changing the tab on the module, I tried to change a few others and it worked flawlessly each time.


If you find this information useful, there are two parts to the fix. The next thing you need to do is open MySword and open menu options. Select Preferences and then go to Modules Management. Select Clear abbreviation cache and then select OK. MySword will now recognize the new tab name.


Thanks, so much, Jay, for sharing this handy tip. I’m quite sure that many of our MySusers will greatly profit from this utility.


BY THE WAY: Do you have a cool discovery like this? Let me know, and I might just post yours next!