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August, 2020


Ice, Thomas - “The Seven-Year Tribulation” eS TW - 8/21

This is a short article surveying the Old Testament usage of a Seven-Year Tribulation Period.



July, 2020


Ice, Thomas - “The Mark of the Beast” (Rev 13:11-18) eS TW - 7/27

Ice, Thomas - “The Importance of the New Testament Mysteries” eS TW - 7/20

This is an excellent 16 part series that features one of the major points of dispensationalism that is not emphasized nearly enough in dispensational theology. This is a thought provoking and helpful presentation.

Schmidt, Richard R. - “Scriptures Most Compelling Argument for the Pre-Tribulation Rapture” eS TW - 7/13

Blog Post - to read “The #1 Reason You Should Use a Kindle,” click here - 7/10

Ice, Thomas - “Consistent Biblical Futurism” eS TW - 7/8

This is a 15 part series by Thomas Ice (of Pre-Trib Research Center) on the necessity of consistency in eschatological interpretation. Several chapters are dedicated to an attempt at dismantling Bill Salus’ interpretation of a future but very near Psalm 83 war. As always, Thomas Ice will make you think biblically about an issue.

Harris, Gregory - “Did God Fulfill Every Good Promise? Toward a Biblical... of Josh 21:43-45” eS TW - 7/2



June, 2020


**Thomason, David - “The Greatest Song Ever Written is a Love Song (Song of Solomon)” TW Kin - 6/29/20

For a comprehensive product review of “The Greatest Song Ever Written is a Love Song” click here.

Blog Post - “Kindle Format here at DDT” click here to go there - 6/29/20

Gromacki, Robert - “ISRAEL: Her Past, Present, and Future - Rom 9-11” eS TW - 6/25/20

Blog Post - “MAJOR MySword Update” click here to go there - 6/18/20


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