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Welcome to the DDT Product Review Page. Here you’ll find exactly what I really think about the items I review. I will include a detailed product review, offsite links that can corroborate or repudiate what I wrote, the “Patent Pending” DDT ratings system (just kidding about the “Patent Pending” remark), and links that will take you right to the products I review.


Unlike the vast majority of sites, I  want you to know my theological grid. That’s why at the bottom of the page you’ll find the link to the Official DDT Doctrinal Statement. After all, if a Baptist and a Catholic are reviewing a book entitled “Historical Errors of the Papacy,” you would expect two very different reviews, right?


Here is the DDT Ratings System:


We currently offer two (2) types of reviews: Comprehensive Product Reviews and theWord Premium Summary Reviews. Here are the differences:


Comprehensive Product Reviews are detailed reviews that will be profitable to all, no matter what format the reader is interested in. These reviews focus on content.


theWord Premium Summary Reviews will often review the same material as the Comprehensive Product Reviews, but these reviews will focus on how theWord handles the digital content. These reviews will include screen shots, so the reader can actually see the product in theWord.


In the coming days, I hope to offer one or two more types of reviews. Check back to see if we’re able to review different types of products.