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KJV Modules Is Happy To Present the NEW TSKe

We here at are quite pleased to bring you a new commentary module; one that I believe will be a very nice addition to your Bible study library.

Most folks are already familiar with the excellent “Treasury of Scripture Knowledge,” that is often attributed to R.A. Torrey. Quite simply, it has been the single best cross reference Bible study system available for free anywhere.

Until now.

A fellow named Timothy S. Morton has taken the traditional TSK and enhanced it. (The tab name for this excellent resource is therefore TSKe - must I explain those initials?) He has literally added 100,000+ new cross references! He has also added cross references to nearly 1,000 verses that didn’t have any at all. Truly, this module is enhanced! Most of his work has been in the area of reciprocation - making sure that all of the verses that are in reference “A” are reciprocated from references “B,” “C,” “D,” etc.

Allow me to illustrate. Here are the comments from the original TSK on John 3:16

Joh 3:16  

God: Luk_2:14; Rom_5:8; 2Co_5:19-21; Tit_3:4; 1Jo_4:9-10, 1Jo_4:19

gave: Joh_1:14, Joh_1:18; Gen_22:12; Mar_12:6; Rom_5:10, Rom_8:32

that whosoever: Joh_3:15; Mat_9:13; 1Ti_1:15-16


Now take a look at the comments from the new TSKe on John 3:16

Joh 3:16  

God: Luk_2:14 Rom_5:8 2Co_5:19-21 Tit_3:4 1Jo_4:9, 1Jo_4:10, 1Jo_4:19

gave: Joh_1:14, Joh_1:18 Gen_22:12 Mar_12:6 Rom_5:10, Rom_8:32

that whosoever: Joh_3:15 Mat_9:13 1Ti_1:15, 1Ti_1:16

Reciprocal: Gen_22:2 - Take Deu_30:15 - General Psa_2:7 - this Psa_36:7 - How Psa_40:10 - lovingkindness Pro_8:4 - General Pro_8:24 - I was Pro_8:35 - whoso Isa_9:6 - unto us a son Isa_51:6 - my salvation Isa_55:4 - I have Eze_2:1 - Son Eze_47:9 - every thing Zec_9:17 - how great is his goodness Mat_7:11 - how Mat_17:5 - This Mat_21:37 - last Mat_25:46 - the righteous Mat_26:63 - the Christ Mat_27:43 - I am Mar_1:1 - son Mar_1:11 - Thou Mar_9:7 - This Mar_16:16 - that believeth and Luk_1:78 - tender Luk_9:35 - This Luk_20:13 - I will Joh_1:34 - this Joh_3:36 - that believeth on Joh_4:10 - If Joh_5:24 - He that Joh_5:43 - come Joh_6:29 - This Joh_6:47 - He that Joh_6:51 - the life Joh_7:29 - for Joh_8:51 - If Joh_10:28 - I give Joh_14:4 - and the Joh_20:31 - believing Act_16:31 - Believe Rom_1:3 - his Son Rom_4:11 - father Rom_5:15 - But not Rom_8:39 - love 1Co_2:9 - eye 2Co_1:19 - the Son 2Co_5:15 - that they 2Co_5:18 - all 2Co_9:15 - his Gal_2:20 - the Son Gal_4:4 - God Col_1:15 - the firstborn Col_3:3 - your 2Th_2:16 - which Tit_1:2 - eternal Heb_1:2 - spoken Heb_1:6 - And again Heb_2:3 - so Heb_2:9 - by Heb_5:5 - Thou Heb_10:39 - but Heb_11:17 - only 1Jo_3:1 - what 1Jo_3:16 - perceive 1Jo_4:14 - the Saviour 1Jo_5:10 - that believeth on 1Jo_5:11 - God Rev_2:18 - the Son

That’s quite a difference, isn’t it?! If you’re interested, you can read much more information about the TSKe by clicking here. If you’d just like to get straight to the download page for this excellent treasure, then you can get to the download page by clicking here (make sure you click the “eS” for the eSword version or the “TW” for the The Word version).

I’ve actually written a post about this particular module at The Forum for DDT. If you’re interested in reading my forum post, then click here.

We hope you’ll be blessed by using this excellent resource.