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TheWord Version 4 Is Finally Released!!

(And I’m Finally Going to Write About It)


Well, it was a looong time coming, but Costas has finally released his next public version of TW - version 4.0 (technically, It had been 20 months since his last public release version. Trust me when I say this: the long wait has been well worth it!


At first glance, it may appear that there are not many significant upgrades. But “under the hood” is where many of the advancements have been made. Wow! Is this super software!


Over the next two or three weeks, I’m going to write up individual blogs about each of the major updates to TW4. It includes these enhancements/additions:



All in all, TW4 has seventy (7-0!!) new features, along with 110 updates. This is quite an upgrade, indeed! (To see the entire list of upgrades, click here.)


The best part is that this update will be seamless for those who have already been using the software. Once you upgrade, all of your personal materials and settings will be maintained; all of your personal modules will be the same; and all of the modules you’ve downloaded will work - “guaranteed, or your money back!”


Check back soon for the following blogs:


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