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American Bible Society’s Maps of Bible Lands


TheWord’s “ABS Maps” module contains 16 unique full color maps. These are beautiful maps. Unlike many public domain images, these colors are vibrant and provide excellent contrasts, making the features on the map easy to read, and therefore easy to use.


NOTE: the screenshots in this review are my “ultra-low” resolution images, at the request of the publisher. The actual maps you will see inside of TW will be much clearer and nicer to use.


Each map has both a low-resolution and high-resolution image. See screenshot #1. Why both?


TW has two different ways to view graphics: 1) the Book View window; and the 2) Graphics Viewer. The Book View window is typically only a small portion of your workspace; you do not need a high-resolution image to look great in a window that is only 6”x8” (or less!). When the image is double-clicked, the Graphics Viewer opens to full page.


For typical “Book Viewing” of maps, the low-resolution images are a little faster, and therefore better to use. Also, the low-resolution images fit in the “Book View” window better. There may be times, though, when you want to zoom in and see details of a map. When you double-click the low-resolution image (which takes you to TW’s “Graphics Viewer”), the images get a little blurry at 150%.


When you double-click the high-resolution image, the 100% is already much bigger than the low-resolution image (see screenshot #2). The high-resolution looks great printed all the way across an 8.5”x11” sheet of paper - for sermon notes, class handouts, PowerPoint presentations, full color overheads, etc.


The ABS Maps module formatted for theWord is only $8.95. If you’ll ever want to print a map for any reason, this is the one module you’ll want to print from.



This TW summary review is by Dr. David S. Thomason. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

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