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Eerdman’s Dictionary of the Bible


The focus of this particular Bible Dictionary is on recent scholarship, particularly in the area of archaeology. It is decidedly scholarly - and decidedly liberal. Read my comprehensive review for more technical information about the contents of the module.


This module works just like you would expect - click a word in your Bible window, and if there is an entry in EDB, the dictionary window immediately shows the entry.


Take a look at the Screenshot. You’ll find a nice topic tree, a complete article on “Bethany” (which, remember, is clickable from your Bible window(s)), a bibliography at the end of the article, and several mouseover texts. Right-click any of the words in the article, and you can quickly go to that entry.


EDB is only about $25 - inexpensive in today’s world. If you want the “up to the datest” current scholarship in the area of archaeological discoveries, this dictionary beats all of the freebies offered as official modules. Otherwise, though, the freebies are a good alternative.


This is simply a summarized review of the EDB as formatted for theWord, a free Bible software program. To see an in depth review of the contents of EDB, go to my comprehensive review here.



This TW summary review is by Dr. David S. Thomason. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

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