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InterVarsity Press Bible Background Commentary OT


TheWord’s InterVarsity Press Bible Background Commentary Old Testament module is a one volume Old Testament commentary. While the entries are relatively brief, the subject matter will appeal to those who are studying the Bible more academically than devotionally. Pastors and professional students may enjoy the background material herein contained.


This download actually contains two modules: the main commentary module (which works exactly how you would expect it to) and a supplementary .gbk module that contains charts, maps, glossary, and a few other “back of the book” topics.


The module is simple, intuitive, and easy to read. Very nicely designed, Costas!


The top screenshot shows you a picture from the main commentary module. You’ll notice the paragraph by paragraph formatting notes in the topic book list on the left side of the module window. Yet inside the main commentary window, you’ll be able to find those comments verse by verse (where comments exist). Notice the size of the slider on the right side of the window: there is a lot of material on the first two chapters of Job. (The size of the comments are fairly representative of the entire book.)


Now take a look at the second screenshot. There you’ll find a picture of the supplementary material contained in the secondary .gbk module. This is the kind of information you’d typically expect to find at the back of a book like a commentary: maps, charts, and glossary. (These kinds of materials don’t work well in the .cmt format, so Costas has included them in this supplemental .gbk module. Bravo, Costas!)


IVPOT for TheWord is only $19.95 -- and very nicely formatted.



This TW summary review is by Dr. David S. Thomason. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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Fair Resource; Academic