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Dr. John Walvoord was a leading dispensational theologian of the second half of the 1900’s. He was discipled by Lewis Sperry Chafer at Dallas Theological Seminary. He quickly rose through the ranks of the seminary to eventually becomes its second president. He served in this capacity from 1952-1986.

Walvoord wrote dozens of books and pamphlets. Some of his books are (in my opinion) “best ofs” in their categories. Examples of these are his exegetical works on Daniel & Revelation and his doctrinal works The Holy Spirit at Work Today & The Rapture Question. These are excellent works.

All of Dr. Walvoord’s titles are under copyright, and will be for a very long time. However, many of his works are available for free at his website - As of the writing of this blog, 25 of his books are available for free reading (including Daniel, Revelation, and The Holy Spirit at Work Today; unfortunately, The Rapture Question is not currently available. Maybe it will be some day.). There are also 28 of his magazine articles available.

At one time, most/all of these titles had been made and distributed as modules formatted for both eSword and theWord. However, the Walvoord family has requested they not be distributed. Since they are still under copyright (even though they are available for free use on his website), the copyright owners have the right to dictate terms of use. So, while the content is freely available, it is non-distributable. Disappointing, but understandable.

Many of Walvoord’s modules had been available here at DDT via another module site. While they were available for downloading, I linked to them. Sadly, the other website developer has recently made those modules unavailable, so I have removed all of my Walvoord links. It really is a pity; Walvoord was a great theologian & expositor - a very rare breed indeed.

Now for the good news. While I can’t distribute them here from my site, you can still build them for yourself. And with the format used at, it is actually very easy to do. Simply create a new module (name it something like “Walvoord - Title”), and copy and paste the web chapters into your new module. It’s easy as pie! And with theWord’s auto-tooltip feature, you get Scripture hyperlinks in about 5 seconds. (eSword users will have to learn how to use “T4” to easily get their tooltips. Either that, or use “CTRL-J” a ton of times for each book. Ugh.)

I highly recommend building your own John Walvoord library for your own personal use. If you’re interested in doing so, and would like some help, just let me know.