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Welcome to this detailed DDT Product Review of John Blanchard’s collection of

quotations called Complete Gathered Gold (henceforth in this review to be referred

to as simply “CGG”.) No matter what “version” of this work that you are interested

in, you’ll find out what’s most important about it: the content.


I want to give you enough information to make sure that you are an informed buyer. I

also want you to know right up front my theological perspective so you’ll be able to

understand what I write (I think that’s important, and I’m quite sure you’ll agree!).


Finally, I know that you’ve already looked at the DDT Rating, so you already know

the conclusion: this is a great resource for everyone, regardless of doctrine and

denomination. Now, let us commence with the Review!



Decades In The Making


CGG was originally published in 2006. But that’s the end of a long journey, not the beginning. Blanchard has been building his “pithy” quotation collection for nearly 30 years, starting from his conversion to Christianity.


He began collecting quotes; ran across a couple of Reformed/Puritan quotation collections; and his insatiable thirst for pith led to the publication of a 5,000 quote book called “Gathered Gold.” As he continued his quest for quotes, he published a second 5,000 quote collection, “More Gathered Gold.” And yes, he continued to collect! His third publication was still 5,000 more quotes, and called “Sifted Silver.” Now he has collated his first three books, added 1,000 more quotes, and aptly called it “Complete Gathered Gold” (with a title like that, has he finally “worked” himself into a corner?)


While the core of his collection was originally reformed in theology, this collection utilizes a wide array of theologians and theology. No matter what your faith perspective is (nor your denomination!), you’ll find a goldmine of material!



The Perfect Understanding of Pith


Blanchard’s “Introduction,” in part, says this:


Ever since I became a Christian I have had a trawling eye and an insatiable appetite to hoard pithy statements that summarized important truths or expressed valuable insights in memorable ways. I soon began to arrange my growing collection into an indexed system, where they were joined by hundreds of other statements I read or heard as the years went by.


“Pithy statement.” I’ve heard that phrase all my life, and always just assumed that it meant “short quotation.” But that’s only the half of it, as I discovered this definition from Webster’s Dictionary in preparation for this review:


PITH'Y, a. Consisting of pith; containing pith; abounding with pith; as a pithy substance; a pithy stem.

1. Containing concentrated force; forcible; energetic; as a pithy word or expression.

2. Uttering energetic words or expressions.


Notice those key words: “concentrated;” “forcible;” “energetic.” So - “pithy” means more than just “short quotation;” it is a short but powerfully packed quotation.


Blanchard’s CGG provides for us the perfect understanding of what pith is. 16,000 short quotations: but my, oh my! are they powerfully packed with wisdom, theology and poetry. Here are just a few examples:


The evidence of saving faith is not how much you believe but how well you behave. – John Blanchard


Adversity is the diamond dust heaven polishes its jewels with. – Robert Leighton


Saving faith is not creative, but receptive. It does not make our salvation, it takes it gratefully. – Robert M. Horn


Those, my friends, are true examples of pith!



Suggestions As To How To Use This Book


This book has not only a gold mine of information, but also a gold mine of application!


DEVOTIONAL USE. With 600+ categories, one could read this book devotionally over a two year period. Meditating on these quotations will bring to mind lots of Bible verses for the Bible student.


ILLUSTRATION. There is a tremendous amount of material for the Sunday School teacher, pastor, preacher, lay leader, and small group facilitator. You’ll be sure to capture attention with this collection!


PASTORAL. Whether vocational or non-vocational, the pastor will love this material. It will fire your imagination; help pattern your mind for thinking; provide sermon fodder and seed plotting; this is simply an excellent resource for the man who must speak for a living.


CHURCH STAFF. Need a little filler for the bulletin? How about something catchy for the church marquee out front? Bulletin boards? This is simply an awesome collection for the guy/gal who is always looking for something spiritual & short.



My Conclusion


This book was written to be used and enjoyed by everyone. It’s hard to find fault with this collection. I might have added a few longer quotations, but that goes against his philosophy of pithiness. Every Christian will thoroughly enjoy - and be blessed - by either a casual reading, a topical search, or downright deep-seated meditation on this material.


There are other collections, and there are cheaper collections. But for the price - this collection exceeds expectation.



Other Reviews


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This comprehensive review is by Dr. David S. Thomason. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

REVIEW: Complete Gathered Gold by John Blanchard

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Pithy. That’s the word that Blanchard uses to describe his quotation collection; and Mr. Webster would wholeheartedly agree! Whether Calvinist, Arminian, or somewhere in between; Reformed or Dispensational; Baptist, Methodist, or Charismatic: you’ll use this collection all the time! It’s Great for Everyone!

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Great Resource for Everyone