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eSword Module Maintenance


As your library grows, you probably find yourself “tripping” over your digital books occasionally. I know I do. Organizing and maintaining your digital library is as important as keeping your office orderly.


eSword has two different maintenance features that are not intuitive; but once you know that they are there, they’re certainly easy to use, and increase the power of eSword. The two features are:


1) The Ability To Delete Modules

2) The Ability to Manage Modules & Module Tabs


Let’s take a look at each.


The Resurrection No One Wants


One of the intricacies of eSword is that it will only show one resource per tab name. So, if two resources share a tab name, one of them will never be shown. This is not a problem most of the time, but if you download a newer version of a module, and it doesn’t overwrite the older one, all kinds of mayhem ensues!


To make matters worse, eSword utilizes Vista, Win7 and Win8 virtual store folders. Once you’ve installed an eSword module, eSword may install a second copy (a “shadow copy”, or a “virtual store copy”) somewhere else on your computer (buried deep in the bowels of Windows...). And you’ll never know it happened. That can be a management nightmare.


So, here’s how I learned about this particular feature. I was working on the Ironside Commentary on the Bible (available here, by the way). As I was proofing, I would delete the old module from eSword, reload the corrected module, and proof it in eSword - and the same errors kept appearing. I went back to my working module, and it looked like all of the errors had been corrected; but once the updated module was loaded into eSword, the errors were back.


It was like a resurrection of the dead; but this was one death I didn’t want resurrected!


I then found out that eSword stores some modules in a Windows virtual store. I did some digging; and yep! There it was. So, deleting a file from the “...program files...\e-Sword” folder isn’t always enough. Hmm. So - what’s the best way to go about this?


Actually, deleting a module is easy (if you know the trick). Here’s how:


1) open eSword and navigate to the Options Menu

2) select “resource...”

3) This will take you to the “Resource Options...” dialogue box. This box is categorized by module type. Modules here are very easy to find.

4) find the module you want to delete, right-click it, and then “Delete Resource Permanently”


Once this happens, eSword removes it from all of its folders - even the super secret virtual store.


The Organization Everyone Wants




That same dialogue box - “Resouce Options...” - has two more cool features that will help you keep your library in good repair.


At the bottom of the dialogue is a check box: “Display Tabs in a Single Row.” For the life of me! I cannot figure out why anyone would not want that checked! I’ve seen screen shots that look like this picture over here to the right.


One word: why?


Why would you rob yourself of all of that precious screen space simply to show off all of those tabs?


Those who check that “Display Tabs in a Single Row” reclaim a ton of screen space for work (instead of reading the titles of all of those tabs!).




eSword has a digital version of “The Super Stupendous Closet Colossal Organizer!!” (without the booming announcer voice). Do you have some resources installed that you don’t want to delete, but don’t want to see all the time? Let me give you an example.


I love Spurgeon’s Treasury of David. I’ve actually studied - and preached from - every single one of the 150 psalms. (It was an extremely rewarding experience, by the way!) During that time period of Psalm study, I used ToD (tab name: “Psalms”) all the time. But once I finished the series? Hardly ever. And now that “Psalms” tab is taking up precious screen space. I didn’t want to delete it; but I didn’t want to see it, either.


Well, you can take care of that problem right here in the “Resource Options...” box. Find the resource you’d like to remove from your workspace (but leave installed...) and uncheck the resource box. The next time you restart eSword, that resource will be unavailable (and gone from your row of tabs). Any time you want it back, just go back to the dialogue box and recheck the box. Re-start eSword, and voila! It is back on your tab row.


Keeping your library organized will allow you to study faster; and it will make you feel better. These eSword features help to maintain your library - and your psyche!