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theWord Bible Software -


This is the home page for an excellent free Bible software package called “TheWord” - but don’t let the cost fool you. This is a first class, powerful Bible software program designed for mature Bible study. From discipleship to professorship, this software is smartly designed to handle all of your Bible study needs. Windows compatible.


e-Sword  Bible Software -


Here is another great option for computer Bible software. It, too, is excellent software. It, too, is free. It’s written to be easy to use; the tradeoff is that it’s not quite as powerful as theWord. However, most users will not notice the difference, and will absolutely love eSword! Versions available for both Windows & Mac.


MySword  Bible Software -


If you want a Bible program for your Android smartphone, here is a great choice - and it is available free. There is a “deluxe” version that you can pay for, but the free version is all I need - and there are no “nag” screens on the free version; it is truly “free.”





SID - - Kerux Illustration and Sermon Database (also known as SID - Sermon Illustration Database)


How would you like to have access to 35,000 plus illustrations & outlines, that are searchable by both Scripture reference or topic (or both at the same time!)? How would you like to be able to add your own digital clippings to this searchable treasure trove? How would you like to have updates on an annual basis? What would this be worth? How about absolutely free!!


Reverend David Holwick is a Baptist minister - but don’t get hung up on theology. This resource is not theological; it’s homiletical. He has put together an amazing database of sermon illustrations and outlines. This is the single best resource I’ve seen anywhere for sermon illustrations, and it’s all free. You simply download the massive program at the above link, and run the installation program. Then you simply register the program (free!) to receive your password with a simple email request, right from the above web page. No cost at all - and an absolutely staggering amount of content. Now, here’s the most amazing part of this whole offer: less than 1,000 people are using this amazing system! If you love eSword and The Word for your studies, then you will love SID!  This should be a required download for every person teaching and preaching to adults.


Brother Holwick, thank you so much for making this incredible resource freely available.


eSword Scripture ToolTip Tool NT - affectionately known as T4 at Brent’s Tools4eSword


Brent is the creator of “The Swiss Army Knife” for eSword module creators. His T4 is a powerful tool - yet simple enough that a novice computer user can quickly learn how it works. A nicely written manual for how the program works is available here.


If you want to build eSword modules, this is the tool you’ll want to learn how to use. Right now. Go get it. Are you back yet?





BibleSupport by Josh Bond - modules formatted for eSword & MySword -

WordModules by Josh Bond - modules formatted for theWord -


These two sites are - by far - the most expansive module sites on the internet. Josh has done an outstanding job of building the kinds of modules that everyone loves - commentaries. Just about every worthwhile public domain commentary that you can think of is available for both eSword & theWord at these two sites.


Membership is required for downloading, but it has always been free, and Josh has never bugged folks with email. Membership is recommended.


eBooks in several formats by Rick Swartzentrover - The Holy Pig


Mr. Swartzentrover’s website is full of all kinds of stuff - politics, genealogy, Bible study, and good Christian material ready for formatting into modules.


You’ll find all kinds of stuff here. His interests are quite diverse. His Christian book collection is very good; and he likes to share his work. He includes lots of links to TW files.


Stop by and give him a visit. Oink, oink.


Blogspot for Wolfgang Shultz - His Blogspot


As you can guess, Wolfgang is German - not English. But he has some nice resources available in English. His tool called “e-Sword Smart Starter (basic)” is one of the best eSword tools ever invented. I use it all the time to organize my .topx files. It allows me to set up “reference shelves” (he calls them sessions) for my eSword resources. So when I am studying for my sermon series in 2Thessalonians, I can call up only the Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries, & Topic files I want to have available. So instead of wading through hundreds of .topx files, I only have a dozen or so show up. Nice.


He also has some nice resources available. Look for his “Topics.” You may have to hunt a little bit, but it’s worth the search.


Thanks, Wolfgang, for making all of these resources available.


eSword modules from Robert Hommel at For An Answer


This website focuses on ancient language modules for e-Sword. If you’re looking for help with Hebrew and Greek, this site is a great place to visit. Among my most favorite language modules are interlinear Bibles for both the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament - and they both come from this website.


The detailed study of Hebrew and Greek isn’t for everyone (nor does it have to be for everyone); but for those looking to do some deeper language work, you’ll love the material that is included here.




P-R-E-C-E-P-T   A-U-S-T-I-N -


This is - by far - the single best Bible Study website that exists on the planet. The resources that he links to are phenominal. Dispensational; Conservative; Biblical; Christ-honoring; he’s a man after mine own heart! He links to both 1) quality .pdfs of the masters from days gone by, and 2) the best of conservative exposition today. He also has some original work available, too.


Expositors - stop by his site, and prepare to stay awhile!


Baptist Bible Believers -


This is a great site for those who enjoy reading the fundamental classics from the first half of the twentieth century.


Mr. Virgil Butts has a “treasure box” left him from his spiritual mentors, William and Henrietta Parr. His “treasure” is books! His current ministry is to painstakingly retype those books that are now public domain and post them on the internet for free viewing and downloading.


Brother Virgil has taken the extra step in making his texts available for eSword module builders. We are able to modify his texts for eSword .topx module creation relatively easily. And because of Virgil’s work, the entire eSword community has received a blessing.


If you like the content here at, you’ll love


Thanks, Virgil, for your outstanding Bible study site! You are definitely a kindred spirit!


Christian Classics Ethereal Library -


These nice folks were some of the very first to begin digitizing public domain Christian texts and placing them freely available on the internet. They are fairly active at doing so, too. They learn towards Reformed (Calvinistic) theology, but their content is generally very good. OMLB has built several modules from their materials, and many others have, too. To see their “What’s New,” click the “Home” tab at the top of the page.


TRIVIA QUESTION: there is a stunning picture on the front of their site (May, 2012). Do you know where that is? (Send me an email if you want the answer!)



more links to come!