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REVIEW: The Greatest Song Ever Written is a Love Song

by Dave Thomason

Welcome to this detailed DDT Product Review of my own Book called The Greatest Song Ever Written is a Love Song (to be Referred to as “Greatest Song” in this review). I’ve written this review to give more information than what I’ve posted elsewhere.


No matter what version of this work that you are interested in, you’ll find out what’s most important about it: the content. It is formatted to read like a short book.


I want to give you enough information to make sure that you are an informed buyer. I also want you to know right up front my theological perspective so you’ll be able to understand what I write (I think that’s important, and I’m quite sure you’ll agree!).


Finally, I know that you’ve already looked at the DDT Rating, so you already know the conclusion: this is just how I would have done it. Of course: because I did it! Now, let us commence with the Review!


The Greatest Song Ever Written

Is A Love Song


Introductory Comments


Perhaps you’ve heard phrases like “pound for pound, he’s the best figher on the planet.” That phrase means that he may not be the best fighter, but all of the better fighters are heavier than he is. Well, “verse for verse,” this might be the hardest book to interpret in the Old Testament (with a hat tip to Zechariah and Ecclesiastes as close second and third). There might be longer ones that are harder (looking at you, Ezekiel), but this short little book (eight chapters!) is filled with interpretive intrigue.


There are two major interpretive challenges in dealing with the text of The Song of Solomon. The first one is simply defining who is speaking. It is basically a dialogue between King Solomon and what may have been his first wife. However, there are also some sections where a narrator speaks. Because there are no “And Solomon said” nor “and his bride answered” statements anywhere in The Song, context alone must be used to determine who is speaking. I have attempted to give clarity to speaker identification throughout the book.


The second interpretive challenge is determining whether this book is historical or allegorical. And if it be determined allegorical, what does all of it really mean? Taking a high view of Scripture, I have come at The Song of Solomon historically and not allegorically. However, it is nearly impossible to treat The Song of Solomon historically without seeing the Typologial nature of Christ and the Church. I hope I have struck a good balance between a literal interpretation and noting the wonderful symbolism that exists between Christ and His Church.


Both of these interpretive challenges are addressed in “Greatest Song”’s opening chapter.


The Format


The “Greatest Song” is written as a book. There are nine chapters. While it is not written as a technical commentary, it is (mostly) written very-by-verse so that it is easy to follow with an open Bible ready at your side.


If you are looking for a verse-by-verse commentary, you will find this book disappointing. If you are looking for an accurate understanding of what The Song of Solomon is teaching, I hope you will find this work spot on.




Here is where you get a little sneak peek at the text of “Greatest Song.” The second chapter is entitled “Solomon’s Cinderella.” From “Greatest Song” –


Verses 5-6 give us the Cinderella motif.


Song 1:5-6 -- I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother's children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.


"Children" in v6 is masculine; she has brothers that hate her. We also know she has at least one younger sister (mentioned in chapter 8). She has a mother, but no father is ever mentioned.


This looks like a dysfunctional family. The brothers are old enough to send her to the vineyards to work; aren't they old enough to then work? David was old enough to shepherd as a youth!


The problem here is not age; it is anger. They hate her. Just like the step-sisters hated Cinderella!


Notice the devotional picture. This woman is going to picture The New Testament Church all the way through Solomon's Song. There is a sense in which God is absent as our Father, just as the Shulamite's father is absent in The Song. God is absent from the life of the unbeliever. In fact, if you will remember, Jesus said of the Pharisees that they were of their father, the Devil! Prior to our salvation, spiritually speaking, we are like this Shulamite. Prior to our salvation, there is no peace nor tranquility in our home. We are hated even by our own!


I think this is enough to let you see both the technical accuracy of literal interpretation with the devotional warmth of the dispensational viewpoint.




Of course I give this book a top rating; I wrote it! However, I found it richly rewarding to study The Song of Solomon in preparation to preach the series. I also found it rewarding to take those expository notes and turn them into a coherent book on The Song.


There are other works that are longer than “Greatest Song” on the market. There are surely some that are far more technical, and some that are far more regimented in the commentary style of writing. But “pound for pound,” I truly believe you’ll have a hard time finding a better contemporary treatment of The Song.


Other Reviews offers other reviews. They might be a little less biased than my own.... Read them here.



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This comprehensive review is by Dr. David S. Thomason. Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

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Purchase Greatest Song Ever Written is a Love Song formatted for theWord Bible Software.

Purchase Greatest Song Ever Written is a Love Song from

Of course it’s just like I’d do it; I did it! I, DDT, am the author of this book. I have written it to be warmly devotional while being dispensationally accurate at the same time. It is pastoral, and not academic in content.

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