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All of the modules listed here at we consider to be “the cream of the crop” when it comes to eSword modules. You’ll find these Bible study modules will rightly exposit God’s Word and build your faith.


Modules marked with ** are outstanding, and should be used by all students of God’s Word.


Modules marked with ^ are offsite links to files not made by our “Merry Little Band” of module builders. The editing, formatting, and general Quality Control may not be the best, but the content of the modules themselves will be rather excellent. We’re quite pleased to be able to link to these files for your convenience.


For other sites dedicated to the distribution of free Bible study modules, go to the “Favorite Links” page.

American Government, History & Patriotism

     **Declaration of Independence eS TW

     **Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, & James Madison - “Federalist Papers” eS TW

     **United States Constitution eS TW

         Thomas Paine - “Common Sense” eS TW



General History

       ^Jacob Abbott - “Darius the Great” TW MyS

       ^Edward Gibbon - “The History of the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire” TW

       ^Sir Isaac Newton - “The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended” eS TW

         T.G. Pinches - “Historical Records and Legends of Assyria and Babylonia” eS TW

     **Archibald H. Sayce - “The Religions of Ancient Egypt & Babylonia” eS TW

     **James Ussher - “The Annals of the World” eS TW



Church History

       ^Bede - “Ecclesiastical History of England” TW

         Harry A. Ironside - “Historical Sketch of the Brethren Movement” eS TW MyS

         Alfred E. Knight - “A Concise History of the Christian Church” (A.D. 32-1558) eS TW

       ^G.H. Lang - “Earlier Years of The... Tongues Movement” TW

         William R. McGrath - “The Anabaptists: Neither Catholic Or Protestant” eS TW

       ^William M. Ramsay - “The Church in the Roman Empire Before 170 AD” TW

         J.C. Robertson - “Sketches of Church History” eS TW

     **Elmer Towns - “The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever” eS TW

NOTE: This module is under copyright, and may not be hosted on any other website.



Israel’s History: Ancient & Modern

         See “Israelology



Baptist History

         Rev. John Q. Adams - “Baptists The Only Thorough Reformers” eS TW

       ^Thomas Armitage - “A History of the Baptists” TW

       ^Ben M. Bogard - “Pillars of Orthodoxy or Defenders of the Faith” eS TW

       ^William Cathcart - “William Cathcart’s Essays” (from his Baptist Encyclopedia) eS TW

       ^J.M. Cramp - “Baptist History” eS TW

       ^John T. Christian - “A History of the Baptists” Vol 1 eS TW

       ^John T. Christian - “A History of the Baptists” Vol 2 eS TW

       ^John T. Christian - “Did They Dip?” eS

          Paul Goodwin & Bob Frazier - “Baptist Churches of All Ages” eS TW

PLEASE NOTE: This module is under copyright, and may not be reposted anywhere without copyright holder’s permission.

       ^Joseph Ivimey - “A History of the English Baptists” eS TW



Autobiographies / Biographies

       ^P.S. Allen - “The Age of Erasmus” TW

       ^M. Beauchamp - “Days of Blessing in Inland China” (The Cambridge Seven) eS TW

       ^William G. Blaikie - “Personal Life of David Livingstone” TW

       ^William Booth - “In Darkest England and The Way Out” eS

       ^David Brainerd - “Journal of David Brainerd” TW

     **A.J. Bueltmann - “White Queen of the Cannibals” (Mary Slessor) eS TW

         J. Wilbur Chapman - “The Life and Work of Dwight Lyman Moody” eS TW

       ^Jonathan Edwards - “Life and Diary of David Brainerd” TW

   ^**William T. Ellis - “Billy Sunday The Man and His Message” eS

        ^Mary Enfield - “GOD FIRST- Hester Needham in Sumatra” eS

         Rosalind Goforth - “I Know God Answers Prayer” eS TW

         J. Gilchrest Lawson - “Deeper Experiences With Famous Christians” eS TW

     **James Paton - “The Story of John G. Paton” eS TW

     **Patrick - “Confessions” (of St. Patrick) eS TW (MODULE OF THE MONTH 3/12)

         A.T. Pierson - “George Müller of Bristol” eS TW

         John C. Ryle - “A Sketch of the Life and Labors of George Whitefield” eS TW

       ^George Smith - “The Life of William Carey” TW

         J. Hudson Taylor - “A Retrospect” eS TW






Histories & Biographies