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Introduction to

Glad to have you stop by. Not familiar with our site? Well, here’s where you’ll find out what we’re doing.


This is a Websited Dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ


What you’ll find distributed here is truth - the honest, gospel truth, of the Bible and Jesus Christ. I filter everything I post through my theological grid. (You can see by my doctrinal statement what I believe.) So you can rest assured that what you’ll find here is conservative, evangelical, Christ honoring and Bible believing. [Note: not every module here conforms to every fine point of my doctrinal statement. But the “theological center” of this module library can be seen from reading my doctrinal statement.]


This is a Website That Distributes Bible Software Modules Formatted For Four Free Software Programs


In order to use any of the excellent e-titles I have available for free downloading on my site, you’ll need to download and familiarize yourself with one (or more!) of these excellent Bible study programs (all of which are absolutely free):


e-Sword (for Windows based systems) - which can be downloaded at it’s main page here.

TheWord (for Windows based systems) - which can be downloaded at it’s main page here.

MySword (for Android phones & tablets) - which can be downloaded at it’s main page here.

Kindle (for just about anything you can think of) - which can be downloaded at it’s main page here.


I’m occasionally asked what the differences are in these programs. First, you should know that they are similar in many ways. You really can’t go wrong with either. In my opinion:


e-Sword is a little easier to use and master;

TheWord has more features for both advanced computer users and advanced Bible students.

MySword is a good Bible app for your smart phone or other Android OS device.

Kindle is a good reader, whether you use their device, or simply download their software to yours.


So, if you consider yourself a computer novice, or if you are not involved in vocational ministry, e-Sword will probably be the better selection for you. But if you are comfortable with your computer, and/or you want to study the Bible a little deeper than most, perhaps you should try out TheWord.


If you have an Android powered device, you will probably enjoy MySword. Of course, if you already have a Kindle, you’ll enjoy that, too.


Again, all are excellent programs. And since all are free, you can’t really go wrong with any, can you?!


So, How Does The Website Work?


OK, once you’ve selected one of the programs to use, you’ll be ready to start downloading titles. All of the modules (a module is an ebook formatted for use with the software) that are available for “e-Sword” can be downloaded by clicking the “eS” next to any of the titles. All of the modules that are available for TheWord can be downloaded by clicking the “TW” next to the title. MySword modules are downloaded by clicking the “MyS.” Kindle books are all off-site at Amazon, and can be found by clicking the “KIN.” Each download page includes instructions as to where the individual files should be installed. Just follow those simple directions, and you’ll be studying your downloaded modules in just about 60 seconds.


I occasionally will link to a “premium” title. That means you’ll have to pay for it. Premium titles will always be noted with a green link instead of a red link.


Sometimes I don’t “host” a module on my site; I simply link to them from other sites. Off-site modules are always linked with a “^” symbol. When available, the download will still happen automatically. Rarely, I link to sites where membership is required for downloading. In those cases, you’ll land on that site’s module download page. Membership will be free - but you will have to join before downloading from those sites. And of course, all of the Kindle titles are at Amazon, and require an Amazon membership.


Individual titles are sorted on my site by types. For instance, if you want to see the dictionary modules I have available for downloading, simply click on “dictionaries” in the black travel bar just under the header at the top of each page. (You can also utilize the drop down box called “Modules” at the very top of the page.) All of our commentary sets are available under the “commentaries” area of our site.


e-Sword, TheWord and MySword all utilize ebooks as well as dictionaries and commentaries. Ebooks are typically one volume (though they can also be mutli-volume) stand alone books that focus on one subject. So, besides sets of commentaries, there are also 300+ single volume ebook commentaries. Click on “OT Studies” and “NT Studies” to see these excellent ebook commentaries. We also have another 300+ excellent doctrinal ebooks. Check them out on the “Doctrinal Studies” page.


AND besides all that, we have modules on History, Biography, Practical Christian Living and Service, Daily Devotionals, Maps & Graphics, Personal & Inspirational readings... and a whole lot more. Take a few minutes to browse the module pages under the “Modules” drop down box at the top of every page.


Each of the software packages have some other file types as well. You’ll see those while you are browsing the site. Again, click the “eS” for eSword downloads, “TW” for TheWord downloads, and “MyS” for MySword downloads.


One more note: when you see blue text, that means it something new (“new is blue” at DDT!). I’ll try to keep things up to date for you.


I’ve tried to design the site to be as intuitive as possible. But if you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email by clicking here. I’ll try to answer your question as promptly as possible.


Again, welcome to the site. I hope to be able to be a real blessing to you.