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Welcome to my new Kindle Page!


While this page is currently under construction/renovation, I’ve placed it here as a landing page for those searching for conservative, evangelical Kindle reading resources.


For other Kindle related information, click the “Helps” menu above, and follow the “Kindle” pointer.


The DDT Story in a Nutshell


The entire website started as a way to distribute Bible study modules formatted for eSword (“eS”) and theWord (“TW”). These are both truly and fully free Bible software programs. I’ve used both over the years for all of my Bible study and sermon preparation.


Somewhere around 2011, a software app was developed for smartphones called “MySword.” I initially began to convert my resources so that they could be used with MySword. But I ran into a small problem: I wasn’t using MySword myself for any Bible study. The screen was too small. There was not a good way to transfer any notations to my word processor. There was no good way to take notes at all. So while I still like the software, I basically stopped using MySword quickly. After developing a few resources for MySword, my development stopped - and I’m not going to make any more MySword modules.


However, I am an avid reader. When I started using a Kindle device, I loved it! It is small enough to be portable (not pocket sized, but fits in my briefcase without taking up much room at all), yet the screen size is nearly twice what my smartphone is. For the way I like to read, it seemed to be the perfect compromise between portability and readability.


I’ve recently upgraded my word processor (I’m one of those who use WordPerfect), which included the capability to create ebooks. That means I can now create Kindle books. So guess what new format is coming to DDT!


Kindle Books Across DDT


In the download sections (“What’s New,” “OT Expository Studies,” “Doctrinal Theology,” etc.), you are used to seeing these download codes:


        Last Name, First Name - “Book Title” eS TW MyS date posted


When you clicked the “eS”, you downloaded the eSword formatted book; “TW” for theWord; and “MyS” for MySword. If you’re looking for Kindle formatted works, now you’ll want to find the KIN symbol, like this:


        Last Name, First Name - “Book Title” eS TW MyS KIN date posted


If the link is red, it will be a free download. If the link is green (like this - KIN), then it will be a resource you’ll have to pay for. (By the way - those green links are consistent throughout the DDT website as modules you’ll have to pay for).


While I host most of the eS, TW, and MyS modules right here at my own website, all of the Kindle books will be located at Even the free Kindle works are there. That means you’ll have to have an Amazon account to download any/all of the Kindle books you’ll find here at DDT.


Amount of Content


As of today, I’ve linked to very little Kindle content. However, I hope to add dozens - if not hundreds - of links to the site. I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to process brand new Kindle links so that everyone can see them; but every title with a Kindle link will have the KIN or KIN on the download line, right next to the “date posted.”


Questions? Comments? Drop me an email note using the “Contact DoctorDaveT” link below.

Help support us by shopping at for your Kindle Titles and starting here. A small portion of your purchase will go to us. Thanks!