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eSword and theWord have some great modules to help us understand God’s wonderful Word. But besides the standard “KJV” and “KJV+” modules that are available, Bible students have access to more great materials.


Other Great Modules for KJV Lovers!


DoctorDaveT is quite happy to be the exclusive internet home for three important modules that contribute to the current debate on the multiplicity of English languages. Whether or not you agree with their conclusions, you should be familiar with their arguments.


"The King James Version Defended" by Edward Freer Hills is the leading defense of the KJV written in the twentieth century. This is a thoroughly Christian treatment of the topic. Explains history, theology, personality, and more in this logical defense of the King James Version.


"Believing Bible Study" is Hills' follow-up to his "KJVD." Written with the same style to bolster his first magnus opus.


"The Identity of the New Testament Text II" by Wilbur Pickering exposes the fallacies of the Westcott-Hort text type, and champions the Traditional text of the Greek New Testament. While not a supporter of the KJV per se, the conclusions to his arguments leave little room for debate. Hills is more theological/logical from the Reformed position, while Pickering is more scientific and a textual critic from a non-Reformed position. These two authors, taken together, present a powerful argument for the KJV and the Greek text underlying it.


KJV Audio Commentary (e-Sword only) - [NOTE: this is an offsite link that will take you to a free download; but free site registration will be required.] This is going to be a favorite, I’m sure! This is a large 1Gb file download. It is a complete KJV audio Bible. Here’s how it works: the download will install a “KJV Audio” commentary in eSword. It will also install .mp3 files in a specialized folder in the “Program Files/e-Sword” folder. Whatever chapter is open in your Bible window can then be played via the .mp3 link in the commentary window. Listen to the Bible while it is open in front of you - right there in eSword! Very nice! NOTE: This is a huge download, so be patient.



Alexander Scourby & Two KJV .mp3s You Will Love!


Alexander Scourby is the voice of the Bible. Now you can listen to him on your computer!


Scourby's narration of the KJV is now available as an .mp3 download for only $19.99. Also offered is an exciting secondary offering - a dramatized KJV! Scourby is the voice of the non-character narrations, in addition to a large cast for the individual characters of the Bible. Music and other sound effects are included to make this a reading of the Bible you will not soon forget. It is also $19.99 - but both can be purchased together at a discount. There are also a couple of FREEBIES available when ordering. So check it out!!


CLICK HERE to be taken to this exciting KJV addition for your computer!  {DDT NOTE: The Scourby site is currently off-line. I’ll monitor this to see if it comes back online....}