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Best-Ever MySword Update

This is a Game Changer For Me


So I’m trolling the module sites and I see this post from Biblesupport’s exscentric:


You can use esword modules and other modules in myswords new version! :-)


My first thought was, “this is so cool, I can hardly stand it!” Then I saw a typical snarky “nope nope nope” post, and then the guy who seems to know everything about every major free Bible software program available on the planet (how do you keep up with all of that stuff, Jon?) say “yep yep yep.” So I went over to, and sure enough, voila! The magic is now complete.


[Is this you - “Just tell me how to do it!!” Click here for “So How Does This Work?”.]


MySword Version 11.1


The first thing everyone needs to know is that your Android software needs to be version 5.0 (“Lollipop”) or later. If you’re running an older version of Android, you can probably upgrade to MySword version 11.0; but that won’t be high enough to use MSv11.1. In order to find out what your Android version is, go to your phone settings, click “System”, “About phone”, and look for the Android version.  If it is 5.0 or higher, you are good to go.


It looks like you’ll want to get MySword 11.1, which was just made available as of 6/12/2020. It also looks like it is not yet available from the Google Play Store. That’s OK. There are two ways to get it. You can download it by clicking here (their direct download), or by going to this page and clicking the 11.1 button. The other way is by updating the software from within your phone. I did it through my phone. Open the software and go to the “settings” section and “About.” Then click “about” again, scroll down and choose “check for updates...” and then go. Once I downloaded the update, I had to navigate to my downloads folder in my phone, and double click the file. If you’re comfortable with understanding file structure, it was very simple to do.


Good news: the interface looks the same. Yeah - no having to learn new tricks.


The Gobbeldygook


MySword added capability to utilize modules from four separate software packages. Two of them have no impact on DDT users - Mybible, and USFM - because there is nothing formatted here in those formats. I don’t use them; I don’t make modules for them; so I don’t post anything about them.


But the other two formats? Perhaps you’ve heard of e-Sword and theWord?!


What the MySword folks have done is build a module converter right into their software. Bravo, and it is high time that this compatibility has happened.


For the most part, MySword will seamlessly and automatically convert most file types unless they are locked for any reason. Files that are encrypted include:


 **premium files (so no bringing Warren Wiersbe, etc., into MySword)

 **e-Swords “.refx” files (which are basically locked .topx files)

 **any theWord module made that is encrypted (I have some copyrighted modules that are locked, and some other module builders have a substantial amount of their TW modules locked)


e-Sword Compatibility


It looks like e-Sword Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, and books (including both topic and devotional books) will all work in MySword. Note that .refx files (which are simply locked, or encrypted, .topx files) may not work.


It also looks like graphic modules (maps etc.) will not work, nor will graphics that are in .topx modules. The text, though, in these modules appears to be fine.


TheWord Compatibility


It looks like theWord Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, daily devotionals, and book modules will work fine. It also looks like the rarely used “hybrd book/commentary” module (which as far as I know is only used by premium module builders anyway and would be encrypted) will not work, nor will any graphic modules.


The Module Gospel (and I Mean Good News!)


Practically every module here at DDT already meets these compatibility issues. So practically every module you’ve downloaded, or will download, from DDT is ready to go directly into MySword.


Why It Is A Gamechanger For Me


I rarely use MySword. And I have never - not once - attempted to study with it. I’ve used it to read my Bible when not preaching in a church service; or read to folks during hospital visitation; or if I’m waiting somewhere, but to study? For me, impossible. I need to take notes if I want to remember anything I am going to use in a sermon. Don’t get me wrong: I like the software. I just don’t like to study with it.


So while I have converted some MySword modules, it was only a few, and only for a few months. To be quite honest and frank, I don’t even remember how to do it. How’s that for a candid module builder admission?! But now - for me, I can continue to minister to MySword users without having to convert any more files. There’s a Hebrew word for that, perhaps you’ve heard of: Hallelujah!


So How Does This Work?


1. Download and install modules for eSword and theWord like you always have.

2. Open a file explorer window and navigate to your modules

3. Plug your phone into your computer via USB

4. Open a second file explorer window and navigate to your phone’s “Internal Storage / MySword” folder.

5. Drag and drop!


So now you can take all of your favorite study materials (bibles, commentaries, and dictionaries) and your reading materials (devotionals and books) with you on the go - no outside conversions necessary.


The nice folks at MySword have done an outstanding job with this update. Thanks guys! Here’s to hoping other software engineers catch the vision of seemless materials across multi-platforms!