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NT Expository Studies

Intertestamental Period

       ^B.H. Carroll - “Between the Testaments” eS TW

     **Harry Ironside - “The 400 Silent Years” eS10 TW MyS


NT Greek Works (See Also Biblical Languages)

       Steve Amato - “Overview of Greek Grammar” TW

       ^Dana & Mantey - “Greek Prepositional Cartoons” TW

       ^Greek Verb Chart (luw) TW

       ^New Testament Vocabulary by Frequency (50+ NT occurrences) TW

       ^Smyth - “List of Greek Verbs” TW


General New Testament Studies

       ^George W. McDaniel - “The Churches of the New Testament” TW MyS

       ^Theodore Zahn - “Chronological Table of the New Testament” TW



       ^Walter F. Adeney - “Women of the New Testament” TW

         Thomas McCall - “Was Luke a Gentile?” eS10 TW

       ^A.T. Robertson - “Types of Preachers in the NT” (biography) TW


New Testament Introduction/Survey

       ^Louis Berkhof - “Introduction to the New Testament” TW

         James M. Gray - “Synthetic Bible Studies - NT” (NT Survey) eS TW

     **J. Gresham Machen - “Literature and History of NT Times” eS TW

     **Myer Pearlman - “Through the Bible... NT” eS TW

         Leighton Pullan - “The Books of the New Testament” eS TW




       ^John Lightfoot - “Commentary of the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica” eS TW.

NOTE: This is a commentary module.

         Thomas McCall - “The Feeding of the 4,000 - Were They Gentiles?” eS10 TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Why Four Gospels?” eS10 TW

       ^F.B. Meyer - “John the Baptist” eS TW

       ^A.W. Pink - “Why Four Gospels” eS TW

     **A.T. Robertson - “A Harmony of the Gospels” TW

       ^J.C. Ryle - “Expository Thoughts On The Gospels” eS TW

This is not a .topx file, but rather a .cmtx file.

         Louis T. Talbot - “Why Four Gospels?” eS TW



         E. Schuyler English - “Studies... Matthew” eS TW

         G. Campbell Morgan - “Gospel According to Matthew” eS TW MyS

   ^**John F. Walvoord - “Matthew: Thy Kingdom Come” TW



       ^Stanley Derickson - “Mr. D’s Notes on Mark” eS TW

NOTE: These are .cmtx/.cmt.twm files.

     **G. Campbell Morgan - “Gospel According to Mark” eS TW MyS



         Charles Erdman - “The Gospel of Luke...” eS TW

     **H.A. Ironside - “Address on The Gospel of Luke” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Fruit of the Sycamore Tree” (Zacchaeus - Luke 19) eS TW

       ^William M. Ramsay - “Luke the Physician” TW



         John Caylor - “The Great ‘I Ams of Jesus” (Gospel of John) eS TW

         Norman B. Harrison - “Life, Love and Light” (John & 1John) eS TW

     **H.A. Ironside - “Notes on the Gospel of John” eS TW

       ^Robert Murray M’Cheyne - “Bethany Or The Sickness, Death... of Lazarus” (John 11) TW

         F.B. Meyer - “Love to the Uttermost” (John 13-21) eS TW

     **G. Campbell Morgan - “Gospel According to John” eS TW MyS

         A.W. Pink - “An Exposition of The Gospel of John” (3 Vols.) eS TW


         LIFE OF CHRIST - (See “Christology”)



   ^**R.C. Trench - “Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord” TW



       ^William Arnot - “The Lesser Parables of Our Lord” TW MyS

         John Clowes - “Parables of Jesus Christ Explained” eS TW

         Marcus Dods - “The Parables of Our Lord” (2 Vols) eS TW MyS

       ^William W. Fereday - “Our Lord’s Miracles & Parables” TW

     **G. Campbell Morgan - “The Parables and Metaphors of Our Lord” eS10 TW MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “Parables of The Kingdom” (Mat 13) eS TW MyS

   ^**R.C. Trench - “Notes on the Parables of Our Lord” TW



         A.W. Pink - “An Exposition of The Sermon on the Mount” eS TW

         A.W. Pink - “The Lord’s Prayer” eS TW

       ^Gardner Spring - “The Mercy Seat” (Lord’s Prayer) TW



         Ron Bigalke - “A Comparison of the Olivet Discourse and The Book of Revelation” eS TW MyS

     **Thomas Ice - “An Interpretation of Matthew 24-25” eS10 TW MyS

         J. Vernon McGee - “From the Top of the Mount of Olives You Can See Forever” (Mt 24-25) eS10 TW



       ^George Bowen - “Verily, Verily; The Amens of Christ” TW



       ^Frank E. Allen - “The Acts of the Apostles” TW

         William W. Ayer - “Seven Saved Sinners” (Book of Acts) eS TW

     **A.C. Gaebelein - “The Acts of The Apostles” eS TW

         Arnold Fruchtenbaum - “Rabbinic Quotations of the OT & How It Relates to Joel 2 & Acts 2” eS TW MyS

     **H.A. Ironside - “Lectures On Acts” eS TW

         Thomas McCall - “The Mystery of the Date of Pentecost” eS10 TW

     **G. Campbell Morgan - “Acts of the Apostles” eS TW MyS


Pauline Epistles


         S. Franklin Logsdon - “Crucified to Live” (Biography of Paul) eS TW

         F.B. Meyer - “Paul A Servant of Jesus Christ” eS TW

     **James Stalker - “The Life of Saint Paul” eS TW

         W.H. Griffith Thomas - “The Prayers of St. Paul” eS TW



   ^**New International Commentary on the New Testament Romans by Douglas Moo TW

To read my Comprehensive review of NICNT Romans, you can click right here.

To see how NICNT Romans works wonderfully with TW software, you can click right here.

         C. Norman Bartlett - “Right In Romans” eS TW

       ^B.H. Carroll - “Studies in Romans” eS

         Gromacki, Robert - “ISRAEL: Her Past, Present, and Future - Rom 9-11” eS TW

       ^Robert Haldane - “Romans” TW

         Richard C. Halverson - “Prologue to Prison... Romans” eS TW

     **Harry A. Ironside - “Lectures on the Book to the Romans” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “One Hour in Romans” (Overview) eS10 TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Living the Christian Life God’s Way” (Romans 8) eS TW

   ^**John G. Mitchell - “Let’s Revel in Romans” (commentary format) eS TW

     **G. Campbel Morgan - “The Analyzed Bible: The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans” eS TW MyS

     **William R. Newell - “Romans Verse by Verse” eS TW

         Louis T. Talbot - “Addresses on Romans” eS TW

       ^Carl Westerlund - Commentary on the Book of Romans TW

         J.A. Youngberg - “Two Men, Two Acts, Two Results” (The Gospel According to Paul) eS TW



         James M. Gray - “A Picture of the Resurrection” (1Cor 15) eS TW

     **H.A. Ironside - “Addresses on 1Corinthians” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Gifts of the Spirit” (1 Corinthians 12-14) eS TW



         L.M. Grant - “Notes on 2Corinthians” eS TW

     **H.A. Ironside - "Addresses on 2Corinthians" eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Abounding Grace” (2Co 8-9) eS10 TW

     **Ray C. Stedman - “Authentic Christianity” (2Corinthians 2-6) eS10 TW



       ^Stanley Derickson - “Mr. D’s Notes on Galatians” eS TW

NOTE: These are .cmtx/.cmt.twm files.

         C. Norman Bartlett - “Galatians and You” eS TW

         Norman B. Harrison - “His Side vs. Our Side” (Galatians) eS TW

     **H.A. Ironside - “Notes on Galatians” eS TW

       ^William R. Newell - “Peter Vs. Paul” (Galatians 1-2) TW

         C.I. Scofield - “Galatians Study” eS TW

         Charles Stanley (1883) - “Glad Tidings of Christ” (Galatians) eS TW



       ^Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Ephesian Letter Doctrinally Considered” eS TW

       ^Stanley Derickson - “Mr. D’s Notes on Ephesians” eS TW

NOTE: These are .cmtx/.cmt.twm files.

       ^William Gurnall - “The Christian in Complete Armour” TW

     **Harry A. Ironside - “Ephesians” eS TW

       ^John Henry Jowett - “The Whole Armour of God” TW MyS

         Henry Law - “Meditations on Ephesians” eS TW

       ^F.B. Meyer - “A Devotional Commentary of Ephesians” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “How To Stand Against Satan” (Ephesians 6)  eS TW

       ^Handley C.G. Moule - “Grace and Godliness - Studies in Ephesians” TW

         Louis T. Talbot - “Lectures on Ephesians” eS TW



         Norman Harrison - “His Joyous Experience” (Philippians) eS TW

         H.A. Ironside - “Notes On Philippians” eS TW

     **Guy King - “Joy Way” (Philippians) eS TW

         Alva J. McClain - “The Doctrine of the Kenosis in Philippians 2:5-8” eS TW

       ^F.B. Meyer - “A Devotional Commentary on Philippians” TW

         H.C.G. Moule - “Philippian Studies” eS TW

     **Walter Wilson - “Messages On Philippians” eS TW



         C.G. Handley Moule - “Studies in Colossians” (w/Philemon) eS TW

       ^Stanley Derickson - “Mr. D’s Notes on Colossians” eS TW

NOTE: These are .cmtx/.cmt files.

         H.A. Ironside - “Lectures on the Epistle to the Colossians” eS TW

     **Guy King - “Crossing The Border” (Colossians) eS TW

       ^John Chrysostom - “Homilies on Philemon” TW

     **J. Vernon McGee - “Charge It” (Philemon) eS10 TW


         1&2 THESSALONIANS

         Thomas Ice - “The Departure in 2Thessalonians 2:3” eS TW MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Can the Rapture be Found in 2Thessalonians 2:3?” eS TW MyS

   ^**John F. Walvoord - “The Thessalonian Epistles” TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Sorrow Not ...” (1Thess 4) eS TW

       ^William Pettingill - “Simple Studies in Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus & Philemon” TW MyS



         1&2 TIMOTHY & TITUS

       ^Stanley L. Derickson - “Mr. D’s Notes on 1Timothy” eS TW

NOTES:  These are .cmtx/.cmt.twm files.

       ^Stanley L. Derickson - “Mr. D’s Notes on 2Timothy” eS TW

NOTES:  These are .cmtx/.cmt.twm files.

          Edward Dennett - “An Exposition of Second Timothy” eS TW

     **Guy King - “To My Son” (2Timothy) eS TW (Featured DDT Module 9/11)


General Epistles



         Sir Robert Anderson - “Types in Hebrews” eS TW

     **Harry A. Ironside - “Studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews” eS TW

         William Kelly - “The Epistle to the Hebrews” eS TW

         John W. Lawrence - “Five Warnings of Hebrews” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Why Do God’s Children Suffer?” (Hebrews 12) eS10 TW

       ^F.B. Meyer - “The Way Into the Holiest” Exposition of Hebrews eS

         H.C.G. Moule - “Studies in Hebrews” eS TW

         A.W. Pink - “An Exposition of the Book of Hebrews” (3 Vols) eS TW

         Samuel Judson Porter - “The Twelve Gemmed Crown (Christ in Hebrews)” eS TW MyS

         Max I. Reich - “Hebrews” eS TW

     **Adolph Saphir - “The Epistle to the Hebrews” (2 Vols) eS TW


         JAMES & 1&2 PETER

         L.M. Grant - “Comments on James” eS TW

         Harry A. Ironside - “Expository Notes on the Epistles of James & Peter” eS TW

         John Henry Jowett - “The Epistles of St. Peter” eS TW



       ^Charles Gore - “The Epistles of St. John” TW

         Harry A. Ironside - “Addresses on the Epistles of John & Jude” eS TW

     **Guy King - “The Fellowship” (1John) eS TW



         Edward Dennett - “Jude” eS TW




       ^E.W. Bullinger - “The Apocalypse” (hyperdispensational commentary on Revelation) TW

   ^**Tony Garland - “Testimony of Jesus Christ” eS TW

NOTE: this is not a .topx/.gbk module; rather, it is a “double download,” with both a commentary and dictionary working together in tandem. This combination at first may seem odd, but with all of the cross-linking throughout the module, it is an excellent way to organize the information. It is the single best commentary on Revelation I’ve ever seen.

         Floyd Hitchcock - “Lectures on the Revelation” eS TW

         Ice, Thomas - “The Mark of the Beast” (Rev 13:11-18) eS TW

         Harry A. Ironside - “Lectures on the Book of Revelation” eS TW

         John McLean - “The Chronological & Sequential Structure of The Book of Revelation” eS TW MyS

         William Newell - “Revelation Verse by Verse” eS TW

       ^William Pettingill - “The Unveiling of Jesus Christ: Simple Studies in The Revelation” TW MyS

         Joseph Seiss - “The Apocalypse” eS TW

   ^**John F. Walvoord - “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” TW



         Theodore Epp - “Christ Speaks to the Churches” (Rev 1-3) eS TW

       ^G. Campbell Morgan - “A First Century Message to Twentieth Century Christians” (Rev 2-3) MyS



     **Arnold Fruchtenbaum - “The Use of the OT in the Book of Revelation” eS TW MyS

NOTE: The TW & MyS versions include a companion “FruchtenbaumOTRev.xrefs.twm” module (Thanks, Jon, for making this xrefs module!!). It is a cross reference module of the major OT verses quoted or alluded to in the Book of Revelation. Helpful!

         Dave Hunt - “Mystery Babylon Identified” eS TW MyS

         Robert Gromacki - “Revelation 20: A Premillennial Analysis” eS TW MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Book of Revelation Weblogs eS10 TW MyS

         Andy Wood - “What Is The Identity of Babylon in Revelation 17-18?” eS TW MyS





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