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Prayer List for theWord Bible Software

New Unofficial Module Type


Many of us don’t just use our Bible software educationally nor exegetically; we also use our Bible software experientially. And that requires, among other niceities, a prayer list.


Unfortunately, TW does not integrate any kind of official prayer list module. Fortunately, TW is easily customizable and the user can create his own.


I’m sure that many TWers have created their own simple prayer lists. It isn’t difficult to do. But for those who haven’t done so yet, let me give you what I’ve developed. It’s an unofficial “My Prayer-list” module built as a general book (.gbk.twm) TW file.


Download the “My Prayer-list” module for theWord Bible software right here.




Most Christians recognize the need to pray more than we do. How to do something about it? isn't a difficult question (utilizing a prayer list). Doing something about it is (praying!).


This module is intended to help the prayer warrior get organized. It cannot make you pray better; it can help you pray smarter.


This "My Prayer-list" form is divided up into three lists:


Daily Requests - these are the requests you'll pray for every day. Realistically, you may not need a list for these requests, at least at first. But as you deepen your relationship with Christ, you may desire more people and ministries to pray for.


Weekly Requests - these are the requests that are important, but not dire. Or these are the requests that are so important that they can broken down into categories. An example of this is how I've arranged for you to pray for your spouse. You'll pray for him/her every day, but it will be something different for every day of the week.


Monthly Requests - these are long term requests that are not timely, but need to be prayed for.


This is only a form. The form needs to be personalized by you. Take the starting blanks and make it yours. Use the "delete" and "back space" keys to erase the generic requests and make them personal. Replace "spouse" with "Miranda" (or whatever your spouse's name is!). This is your list.


I've included some short articles in the "Prayer Ideas" section of this module. Use it for inspiration on how to pray.


One last thought. When Jesus' disciples asked him, "Teach us to pray" (Luke 11:1), Jesus prayed (Luke 11:2-4). Like any other exercise, learning occurs best through practice. If you want to learn how to pray, pray.




  1. To see any list without making any edits, you can either: A) go straight to the page from the topic list; or B) "mouseover" the appropriate hyperlink from the "Home" window.
  2. To edit a prayer list (daily, weekly, or monthly), you can either: A) go straight to the page from the topic list; or B) click the appropriate hyperlink from the "Home" window.
  3. When editing a prayer list entry, feel free to add more than just a name or word. You can use "delete," "backspace," and all other editing maneuvers to edit any of the lists. EXAMPLE: You can replace "Church Musicians" with "Choir - 1) learn the Christmas Cantata; 2) God's Spirit to work at the concert; 3) good weather;" etc.
  4. Make the list yours.