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Kenneth Osbeck’s 101 Hymn Stories


TheWord’s 101 Hymn Stories module by Kenneth Osbeck is a devotional classic. Those considering themselves “Old School” conservative Christians will thoroughly enjoy reading through this text - and it’s so easy to do in theWord.


The module is simple, intuitive, and easy to read. There’s absolutely nothing not to like about this beauty. Costas has included a graphic of the sheet music for each of the hymns - very nicely done. Also, there are lots of additional graphics included in this module. This is what devotional Bible study literature is supposed to be like!


I’ve loaded up a couple of screenshots for you to preview. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?


The top screenshot emphasizes the general layout of the module. Notice that the 101 Hymn Stories are sorted alphabetically by hymn. So, you can quickly find the hymn story you’re looking for. Musicians will find a little bit of extra information at the top of each entry (I love the “metre” entry, by the way!); but non-musicians will not be distracted by this information at all.


The lower screenshot emphasizes the graphics contained in each Hymn Story. Every one of them includes a graphic of the music - right out of a modern hymnal. Several stories also include additional interesting graphics. By the way - even with all of these graphics, the entire file is only about 10 Mb, so it is still very responsive in theWord - no “scroll lag” at all.


One last note - did you notice the size of the sliders on the right edge of each picture? I put a red rectangle around each one, so you could see it a little easier. That should give you an idea of the amount of content for each entry. Long enough to tell the story - but short enough that you’ll actually read them!


Kenneth Osbeck’s 101 Hymn Stories for TheWord is only $12.95. And for this price, you can copy and print them in your preaching/teaching notes...!


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This TW summary review is by Dr. David S. Thomason. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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