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Deepening Your Daily Devotional Readings

With TW4


Costas has nicely designed a Daily Devotional reading tool to augment and supplement your scripture Reading Plan. Just like you would expect from a daily devotional reading, these readings are tied to calendar days. While they may differ based on who built the individual modules, they will usually be 2-3 paragraphs of a devotional thought tied to a Scripture verse.


Costas’ implementation of these daily devotionals work right on the desktop. It’s easy to deepen your daily readings by accessing all of your study tools while you are reading your daily devotional. Take a look at this screenshot:























This particular layout has three columns and five windows:



Here’s what it will do:



This is really nice software! It allows you to go so much deeper when reading your daily devotions than what has been previously possible.


The Daily Readings Dialogue Box


The “Daily Readings” dialogue box is a nice way to manage all of your daily readings: not just your scripture Reading Plans, but your daily devotionals, too. Here’s how:


1. Click open the Daily Readings dialogue box from the “Tools” menu.




























2. Click “Choose Devotionals to Read Daily” – This dialogue box lets you see every daily devotional module you have properly installed. Just select the one(s) you’d like to see every day. Also, make sure the “Daily Readings” dialogue box has the “Startup options...” set to show: once a day, or if there is an unread scheduled reading, or every time the program starts. (Once a day is enough for me....)

3. Once that is set up, just click on any of the “Devotional Readings for today” (there are two in the above screenshot - can you see them?) - and your layout will immediately display that devotional for today. Nice!



The Devotional Module


Moving around from date to date in the actual devotional module itself is a breeze. Did you notice the “devotional calendar” button right there on the module bar (see the red frame in the picture)? Clicking on that button will take you to a calendar to select any day’s devotional reading. Clicking on the month at the top of the calendar will allow you to see every month for the year. Clicking on the year allows you to see a range of years. Cool stuff!


Clicking on the drop down box (right next to the “devotional calendar button”) is another quick way to see the calendar entries. By the way - did you know you can use the drop down box of any book module as a search feature? Just type in a word - and if it exists in the drop down menu, the menu will show it.


EXAMPLE: Type “m” in the drop down box, and the calendar date will move straight to “1 March.” Nice feature indeed!


REMINDER: you can click on the scriptures in the devotional to move your Bible widow to that reference; and you can search your entire module library (or filter for specific searches) on any word in your devotional module.


TW4’s integration of the Daily Devotional Readings is a great extension of an already powerful Bible program. It gives a depth to your devotional life not possible before. Give it a try and enrich your spiritual life!


Daily Devotional Modules Ready For Immediate Downloads


These modules are “pay” modules - but well worth your cost to use them.


Paul Enns - “Approaching God” (Daily Devotional Module) TW - A smartly arranged daily devotional module that focuses on the basics of Bible doctrine. This would be an excellent one year primer for the basics of the Christian faith. To see how this module works with TheWord Bible software, click here. For a more comprehensive review, click here.


Kenneth Osbeck - “Amazing Grace: 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions” (Daily Devotional Module) TW - Classic traditional hymn stories written to deliver a devotionally powerful message. These treasures are sure to delight readers every day of the year! To see how this module works with TheWord Bible software, click here. For a more comprehensive review, click here.


And there are even more free third party devotionals to choose from, by authors like: William Jay, John Henry Jowett, F.B. Meyer, Charles Spurgeon, Alexander Maclaren & Harry Ironside. To see the free daily devotionals currently offered for TW4 here at DDT, click here.