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Believer’s Bible Commentary by William MacDonald


TheWord’s Believer’s Bible Commentary (“BBC”) by William MacDonald is Costas’ second hybrid (Book+Commentary) module. The text of the commentary itself is top notch; it rates a 4 Book DDT rating (best of class; quite an achievement for a one volume commentary!). It is a paragraph by paragraph commentary that provides commentary on every verse. The paragraph formatting allows for very easy understanding of MacDonald’s overall interpretation of each book, chapter, and section of Scripture. The text is very well done.


Why, then, only a 3+ Book DDT rating for the TW version (which is still great, by the way)? Read on.


TheWord version 4 (“TW4”) offers three different ways to utilize any kind of a commentary: 1) book view; 2) commentary link; and 3) inline.


TW4’s implementation of BBC in book view is flawless. Check out screenshot #1. The Bible view is set to Rom 3:22, and the hybrid module takes you right to the comments on Rom 3:22. The topic tree shows you right where you are in MacDonald’s outline of the book. Excellent indeed! So, if you like to have a Bible view open next to a commentary window, then you will love how TW4 implements the hybrid module of BBC.


There are two other ways, though, that TW4 utilizes commentaries: commentary links, and inline commentaries.


Check out screenshot #2. Take a close look at the commentary links under Rom 3:22. Do you notice anything missing? Yep - the BBC module is not listed as a commentary link. That’s because as of 1/21/2012, the hybrid modules do not function in the commentary links. So, if you like to mouseover commentary links and read the popups, BBC currently will not work.


Also, some users like to put their commentaries inline. (For an example of inline commentaries using Greek intensive modules, see my NT Exegesis blog.) BBC will not work inline.


Costas has stated that these shortcomings in the TW4 hybrid module are currently under modification. An imminent update of TW4 will implement the hybrid module in both “commentary links” and “inline commentaries.” That will be well received!


When these updates are released, you can be assured that the 3+ DDT Book Rating will be increased. Until then - it is still an excellent module that is a Great Resource For All.


By the way - I highly recommend this module for it’s overall accuracy and simplicity at explaining the Biblical text. It really is “Best of Class” for one volume commentaries on the Bible.


You can purchase “Believer’s Bible Commentary” by William MacDonald formatted for TheWord for only $24.95. It’s very well done. Want more information? Make sure you read my comprehensive review of this module.


This TW summary review is by Dr. David S. Thomason. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

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Great Resource For All