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“The Bible Panorama” by Gerard Chrispin


TheWord’s The Bible Panorama by Gerard Chrispin is such a unique module, that it took two modules to build it! The commentary module covers the entire Bible in a chapter by chapter format, while the ebook module covers critical, foundational material pertaining to the important doctrine of Bibliology. Add to that Chrispin’s fondness for alliteration and symmetry, and you end up with a very beautiful tandem premium module set. I highly recommend you also take the time to read my comprehensive product review, which is located here.


The commentary module is simple, intuitive, and easy to read. Very nicely designed, Costas! Let me point out a few of the important features to this premium module set by directing your attention to the screenshots.


Notice the top screenshot first. The top red arrow is pointing to my commentary list. You’ll notice that “BblPanA” and “BblPanB” are both available - remember that there are two different modules in this download. This screenshot is showing “A” - the commentary.


This first screenshot also shows you (behind that long drop down box!) the chapter comments on Ephesians 2. See the alliteration? Also notice that every verse of Ephesians is included in the outline. It’s that way for every chapter of the Bible. You can also see where you are in the commentary by noticing the tree. Again - every chapter of the Bible is included, with every book containing an Introduction. (See my comprehensive review for more information about the contents of the module.)


The second screenshot shows you the “ebook” module. This is not the commentary. Here I’ve highlighted the “Topic Box” which serves as this module’s Table of Contents. It has 8 Chapters + 5 Appendices. I’ve opened this module to Chapter 3 - “Can I Trust The Bible?” This chapter has 10,000+ words - look at how small the scroll bar is on the right side of the page! (Praise God we can trust the Bible! Amen!) This kind of supplemental material doesn’t work well in the .cmt format, so Costas has included it in this supplemental .gbk module. Bravo, Costas!


You can purchase “The Bible Panorams” by Gerard Chrispin formatted for TheWord for only $24.95. It’s very well done. Want more information? Make sure you read my comprehensive review of this module.


This TW summary review is by Dr. David S. Thomason. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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