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Memory Verse Module for theWord Bible Software

New Unofficial Module Type


TW’s ability to help you meditate on God’s Word has just increased with the release of my unofficial “My Memory-verses” module. You can download it right here.


The “My Memory-verses” module is built on a platform similar to the “My Prayer-list” module (available here). There are 40 separate verse lists completely integrated with hyperlinks. This allows the user to work on: 1) daily verses; 2) weekly verses for every day of the week; 3) monthly verses for every day of the month; and 4) verses for quarterly review once “memorized.” Quarterly verses may be categorized or homogenized (all listed together), or reviewed in some combination of both.


You can easily promote verses from one list to another as you learn; and demote verses back if you forget. This is a great tool to integrate Bible memory into your daily devotional life.




This module is designed to help you memorize the Bible. Everyone who memorizes the Bible ultimately utilizes a method; let me tell you mine. You can, though, use this module however best suits you.

My Method

You'll notice that there are 4 broad categories for the verses: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly.

When I come across a verse I want to memorize, I put it in my "Daily" list. First, I copy the entire verse and reference, like this:

Isa 11:10 -- And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.

Notice that the reference is not active. That's on purpose. Every day I work through the list twice. After the first time through, any verses that I'm comfortable with, I remove the text and make the reference a hyperlink, like this:

Isa 11:10

Next, any verse(s) that I'm confident with, I move the reference to the weekly list (for whatever day of the week I'm on). I never move a reference with text; I only move references that I've already removed the words.

While I'm at the weekly list, I work those references in the same fashion. Any of those references I'm confident with can then be moved to the Monthly list (for that day of the month).

Once a reference has been on the monthly list for some time, and I'm still confident with it, I move it to the quarterly list. These verses will be reviewed once a quarter. Notice that under the "Quarterly Verses" are subcategories. You can create as many of these as you like. The half dozen that I've included are simply to serve as an example to get you started. Or you can choose not to use any categories, and just have one long Quarterly Verses list.

At this point, I've done all of the verses for today once; so now I start with the monthly verses and work back a second time, ending with the daily list. Once finished, every verse for the day (whether "daily," "weekly," or "monthly") has been reviewed at least twice. On the first weekend of each Quarter (January, April, July, & October), I review all of the Quarterly verses.

IMPORTANT: Any time I can't remember a verse, it gets "demoted" from the list it is in all the way back to "Daily." From the daily list, it starts back over again.

To Review:

1. Add verses with text to the Daily list.

2. Review the Daily List once.

3. From the Daily list, remove text and activate the hyperlinked reference when comfortable.

4. From the Daily list, remove references to weekly when confident.

5. Review the Weekly list once. Any verses that need to be demoted are moved from the weekly to the daily list. Any verses that I'm confident with get promoted/moved from the weekly to the monthly list.

6. Review the Monthly list once. Any verses that need to be demoted are moved from the monthly to the daily list. Any verses that I'm confident with get promoted/moved from the monthly to the quarterly list where they are filed under categories, or left under the broad "Quarterly" main category.

7. Review the Monthly list a second time.

8. Review the Weekly list a second time.

9. Review the Daily list a second time.

10. Once a quarter, review the quarterly list, making sure to work all of the subcategories completely.

This is my method; please feel free to make any modifications to make this system work for you. The module itself is simply a tool to help you memorize the Bible. I've found this system works great for me. I hope it will bless you, too.

Other Instructions

1. To see any list without making any edits, you can either: A) go straight to the page from the topic list; or B) "mouseover" the appropriate hyperlink from the "Home" window.

2. To edit a memory verse list (daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly), you can either: A) go straight to the page from the topic list; or B) click the appropriate hyperlink from the "Home" (or any other) window.

3. You will want to "tinker" with the Bible window options so that all of your copy/paste maneuvers are exactly to your liking. In order to get to this window, right-click any Bible verse in the Bible window and choose "copy verses." The dialogue box is very nice, and allows you to see your edits without leaving the dialogue. Here you can get your format just to your liking. [NOTE: TW "trims" spaces at the end of the formatting codes. So, if you want to keep a "space" at the end of a code sequence, you'll need to insert a "non-breaking space" by using the Alt button in conjunction with the number pad (not the numbers above the letters on the keyboard): Alt-0160.]

One Final Note About Formatting

Using lists wreaks havoc with the paragraph spacing during cut/copy/paste maneuvers. When I asked Costas about this particular issue, and if there was anything that could be done to correct this in the software, here was his reply:

It is true that handling of lists has always been complex in editors (all editors, MS Words has been having bugs an issues with lists from version 2 that they fix with each new version).

He also offered this as a follow up:

In general, with the 'proper' handling, you should be able to get automatic numbering to work. But you would need to do things in a specific order. I cannot tell what that order is. I can do it myself with trial and error and it works: if i do it wrong, i just undo and try again and it works in the end. I am with you that it's not easy.

It's probably best not to do cut/paste; but remembering multiple references may be cumbersome. I have found it best, when pasting, to paste below the list, and then retype the references in the list. A little trial and error will go a long way to maintaining a pleasant paragraph spacing.