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Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament


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Just Like I’d Do It!


The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament by R. Laird Harris, Gleason Archer, and Bruce Waltke, is the standard by which all Hebrew lexicons are judged. It is worthy of a prominent place - right there on your theWord Desktop!


The print version of this work earns a “4 DDT Book” award (“Best of Class”). But Costas’ digital version for theWord earns my top award - the prestigious “4+ DDT Book” award (“Just Like I Would Have Done It!”). It shows off what is so great about computer Bible study software.


Take a look at Screen Shot #1. When you roll the mouse over it, notice 1) the accuracy of the Hebrew scripts, complete with jots, tittles, and vowel points; 2) the Strong’s numbers are in the tree, on the right side of the Hebrew words; and 3) the TWOT entry numbers are on the left side of the tree.


My main complaint about the print version of TWOT is their neglect of the Strong’s numbering system. They have an index in back that correlates Strong’s to TWOT, but it’s a double step that is unnecessary - if they would have used the Strong’s numbering system. The digital version of TWOT used in theWord uses the Strong’s number to access the TWOT entries. See a green Strong’s number (not here! In theWord!)? Click it - and TWOT goes straight to that entry. Yeehaw!


Screen shot #2 simply shows a dictionary window a little larger. I did this so you could see a little better detail. This article is about the English word “heavens” from Gen 2:1.


TWOT is the single best Hebrew lexicon available in print, and now it’s available for theWord. It’s a bargain at any price - but at Costas’ price, everyone should own it.


This is simply a summarized review of the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament as formatted for theWord, a free Bible software program. To see an in depth review of the contents of TWOT, go to my comprehensive review here.




This TW summary review is by Dr. David S. Thomason. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.