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Famous Authors - Complete Works Packages

e-Sword - Unless otherwise mentioned, “eS” downloads are in .topx format and should be extracted to your “...Program Files(...)/e-Sword” folder.


The WORD - Unless otherwise mentioned, “TW” downloads are in .gbk.twm/.twm format and should be extracted to “c:\ProgramData\The Word\Books” folder.


Modules marked with ^ are offsite links to files not made by our “Merry Little Band” of module builders. The editing, formatting, and general Quality Control may not be the best, but the content of the modules themselves will be rather excellent. We’re quite pleased to be able to link to these files for your convenience. Membership at some offsite links may be required.


For other sites dedicated to the distribution of free Bible study modules, go to the “Favorite Links” page.


Each of the authors listed below have their “Complete Works” organized into one .zip file. By clicking the download symbol next to each author, you’ll be downloading that author’s “Complete Works.” NOTE: Some of these authors are not represented elsewhere on (and less than 5% of their titles are listed here), in part because of their theology, in part because of their ease of access on other sites, and in part because OMLB has not built any/most of these modules. However, I believe that presenting these authors en toto will be a service to our DDT family, so they are offered here.


Let me say this: downloading these “Complete Works” packages is probably the worst way to build your library. Didn’t expect me to say that? Well, here’s why: when you download specific titles, you know what you have, and you have it because you want it. You probably even check the Table of Contents and scan a chapter or two, just because you’re excited to have a specific title that you want.  When you download 1,000+ titles in about 5 minutes, there’s no way you’ll look at even 10% of what you just downloaded. You probably won’t even read all of the titles! So - when it comes time to gather study resources, you’re not only much more likely to use the ones you individually downloaded, but the ones you’re looking for will be much harder to find because of the 1,000+ titles that are in the way - and that you won’t even know what they are.


Famous Author Collections (Titles In Individual Modules)


         Dr. Todd Baker - “Essays of Dr. Todd Baker” (Zola Levitt Ministries) eS10 TW

       ^Horatius Bonar (64 modules) TW

       ^Thomas Brooks (25 modules) TW

       ^John Bunyan (36 modules, including “Pilgrim’s Progress”) TW

       ^Jonathan Edwards (36 modules) TW

       ^John Gill (26 modules) TW

       ^Henry Law (28 modules) TW

       ^D.L. Moody (24 modules) TW

       ^Andrew Murray (35 modules) TW

       ^Arthur Pink (284 modules) TW

       ^A.B. Simpson (39 modules) TW

       ^Charles Spurgeon (171 modules) TW

NOTE: This collection does not include the spectacular 63 volume set of his sermons. Don’t miss that module!

       ^R.A. Torrey (80 modules) TW

       ^B.B. Warfield (32 modules) TW



Famous Author Collections (Titles Grouped In One Digital Volume)


   ^**Sir Robert Anderson - “An Athology of Sir Robert Anderson” (23 Titles) TW

     **F.B. Hole - “F.B. Hole Library” eS TW

NOTE: This module was originally given me by “Jay.” It is F.B. Hole’s complete library (minus his commentary, which is available on this page). It includes 3 full books, 4 long booklets, and 180+ magazine articles - and a “Main Scripture” and “Main Topic” indices.

     **Zola Levitt - “Essays by Zola Levitt of Zola Levitt Ministries” eS10 TW

       ^J. Gresham Machen - J. Gresham Machen Library of Works TW

     **Thomas McCall - “Essays by Thomas McCall of Zola Levitt Ministries” eS TW MyS

       ^F.B. Meyer (~40 books) (eS - see above) TW

       ^Thomas Newberry - Library of Works (3 Vols) TW

       ^Ray Stedman /PBC Library (25 Mb!) TW


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